What is CityWiz?

CityWiz is a SaaS product that provides complete end-to-end lifestyle solution for young adults, who are shifting from one city to another for their job. It is the nexus connecting our customers with the existing city’s social networks and service providers.

We provide

Furnished Rentals

Ready-to-move-in furnished residences in strategically selected locations with necessary house-hold appliances and services.


Connecting our customers to their tribe and the city by hosting meetups, exciting events and creating magical moments.


Creating an exclusive circle for our customers to explore their interests by hosting series of offers, events and campaigns of our service partners through CityAlerts & CityLights based on their behavior tracked by our CMC engine.

Why Us?

Diverse Customer Persona Database

Customer Behaviour Tracking


Targeted Customer Campaign

Be a part of the next revolution for Target Marketing Strategy

CityWiz circle is driven by our uniquely designed machine learning algorithm that matches business proposals to the concerned customer
persona through a CMC architecture pattern recognition system.

What is CMC Architecture?

The CMC architecture works on 3 basic principles


Our algorithm learns the behavior of our customer base and categorize them into distinctive homogeneous Customer Persona. No other social media or management consulting firm has a richer diversity of real time consumer profiling than us.


Once you feed your requirements into our system, our algorithm finds the best match of Customer Persona and product/brand positioning for your business proposal. You can use these data to take a well-educated strategical decision for your business.


Once your requirements and call for action is completed, our algorithm automatically runs and channelize your strategies into actions to create the necessary conversions. This is where your targeted marketing happens.

We believe in validation and relevance

The CMC architecture not only enables targeted marketing, but also learns more about your customer persona as your conversions show up to fine-tuneit.
This feedback allows for enhanced accuracy and effectiveness of your strategy the next time.

The more you use, the more accurate and effective our engine becomes.

Get all Your Mix Marketing Solutions in one place

Brand & Product

Whether it is new product/brand launch or re-structuring of your current brand, we have got your back. We provide brand and marketing strategy services right from market segmentation, target marketing, brand creation & strategy, product positioning with a focus on maximum ROI. Don’t just create, validate.

Pricing Promotion

A 1% change in price can improve your profits by 11% (Mckinsey Quarterly). Don’t leave the key driver of your sales and bottom-line to just guts or random blogs. Let us help you find out your sweet spot using our CityWiz’s CMC engine that detects the micro-behavior of your customers for Pricing promotions.

Channel Management &

Design, strategy and manage your online distribution channels through e-commerce and m-commerce. Register yourselves in our exclusive CityWiz circle that will provide you with all the metrics to optimize your supply chain. Plan and execute your channels to be profitable by understanding the right demand.

Integrated Marketing

Is your brand communicating effectively? We provide the necessary online and offline platform for your brand and products to acquire, track and retain your customers more effectively than any Social Media channels you use. Register yourselves in CityWiz inner circle and see the difference in your investment.

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